Warung Janggar Ulam offer you some delicious Indonesian food like Gurami (fresh water fish), Chicken, Duck, Pork Ribs and Seafood (Fish, Mussel & Squid). Most items can be grilled or fried and come with a choice of rice and plecing water spinach, or French fries and lemon vinaigrette salad. Besides a daily menus, Warung Janggar Ulam also have special menu for party & events like Birthday, Wedding, Gathering, Product or Music Album Launching, Team Buildings, etc....

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Udang Bakar

PRICE IDR. 52,000

Gurami Bakar

PRICE IDR. 40,000

Ayam Bakar

PRICE IDR. 17,000

Kerang Bakar

PRICE IDR. 30,000

Foods Udang Bakar
Grilled Prawn


Harga menu jika dihidangkan dengan:
Menu price if served with:

ANasi Putih & Plecing Kangkung IDR. 62,000
Rice & Water Spinach with hot chili sauce

BKentang Goreng & Salad IDR. 72,000
French Fries & Lemon Vinaigrette Salad

More Rasa for Your Rupiah



The word rasa in Bahasa Indonesia can mean feel, feeling, sense or taste (as in sensation of flavor), and Warung Janggar Ulam provides more of each than many restaurants I have tried in Ubud. The other week I had the pleasure of dining for the first time at Warung Janggar Ulam, a quaint and affordable restaurant that serves Balinese favorites and features charming reclaimed teak pieces from Parasara Furniture located just in front of the restaurant 

(I am certain the restaurant and furniture gallery share the same owner).

As soon as I stepped into the premises, I immediately took a liking:

I hadn’t noticed the grand size of the restaurant until I sat down at one of the above colorful reclaimed teak tables. It’s massive! The restaurant opens up to a vast space of paddy fields, part of which have been turned to an open seating area where people can dine next to beautiful scenery. This is typical of many restaurants in Ubud area, but the majority of those lavish restaurants also charge a high price, which Warung Janggar Ulam does not.

The food here was delightful and just as comforting as the restaurant’s ambiance. I ordered paket iga bakar consisting of grilled pork ribs, salad, and some french fries. At 39,000 IDR (roughly 4 USD), this dish is a steal because it is cheaper than in mostwarung’s in Ubud (warung: a term loosely used to describe any Indonesian eatery, ranging from a small snack kiosk to a restaurant). However, I still feel the baby back ribs at Naughty Nuri’s tops the chart, but I don’t have the privilege of spending over 100,000 IDR every time I crave for ribs, hence my delight with Warung Janggar Ulam.

My boyfriend ordered gurame goreng (fried gourami, a freshwater fish native to Asia) with rice and pelecing kangkung (water morning glory with blazingly hot chili) but wasn’t impressed. He did enjoy the sambal matah (raw shallots and lemongrass chili in coconut oil) though, a type of chili that is native to Bali and is our favorite. He’s convinced had he ordered the fish grilled, he would have enjoyed it much better. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned here is that the Balinese are pretty good with grilling meats, so I would always encourage choosing my meat grilled over fried.

When I got home I researched a bit more and stumbled upon this photo from Visual Kuliner Bali of their kerang bakar (grilled clams). Wished I had ordered this instead: Luckily, our first time here will certainly not be our last! And you’ll thank me for this tip: if you plan on having dinner here, I suggest applying insect repellent beforehand to save your skin from some hardcore itches!

Written by: Cindy on May 2' 2012